Frequently asked question



Q: I see you offer giclées as well as the original, but I’m not familiar with the term. What exactly is a giclée?

 A: A giclée, pronounced (zhee-CLAY), is a high resolution reproduction done on a special large format printer. Giclées are a great way for those on a budget to have a copy of a painting on canvas. They are also a convenient option once the original is already sold. All of Tanner’s giclées are archival/museum quality. Colors in a giclée are so vibrant and true that they are often mistaken for the original artwork. The quality is superior to all other printmaking methods. Tanner’s giclées are reproduced onto the same high quality, acid free canvas that he paints his originals on. Many giclées are produced using dye based inks which can fade over time. All of our giclées are made with pigment based inks that age more like an actual painting would. They are then sealed with UV inhibitor varnish to further protect your investment. The canvas is mounted and stretched onto 1.5” (deep edge) solid wood stretcher bars and gallery wrapped. Our giclées are issued in lots no higher than 750. Unlike most galleries, this number includes all sizes. This keeps their value high and insures your art investment.


 Q: Tanner’s work looks photographic or digital in nature. What is the process he uses?

 A: No photographs or digital imagery is used in his paintings. He also does not use any type of stenciling or airbrushing. All of his original silhouette paintings are hand painted with a brush.


Q: I have been trying to purchase one of Tanner’s originals for quite some time now but most of them seem to be marked as “sold” the minute they are uploaded to your site. What should I do if I want an original?

 A: The originals do go quickly. Often times clients stop in the studio and pre-purchase them before they’re finished. This can make obtaining an original especially difficult as a non-local. When they don’t sell off the easel, they normally sell once on the gallery wall. However, if you sign up for our mailing list below, you will be notified of new paintings and giclées before they are uploaded to the website. This way you will get the best shot at originals, before the general online public. Of course this is still no guarantee they will not be purchased beforehand in the studio. The surest way to get an original is to ask Tanner to do a custom piece just for you. See the “Custom Paintings” tab for more information.