Visionary silhouettes

Emerald Bayou
Acrylic on Canvas
Framed Dimensions: 72" X 46"
Canvas Dimensions: 66" X 40"

Emerald Bayou is a creation highly anticipated since its inception over two years ago, Emerald Bayou is the next footprint in the journey of Tanner’s ever-evolving style. At 66 by 40 inches, Emerald Bayou is the largest original piece Tanner has attempted since developing his current theme.

Three wise cypress trees hold court in the black foreground, their slim fingers reaching out from under patches of elegant Spanish moss. A lush forest hides beyond the black, protected from all but the most curious eyes, sprawling infinitely into the blue-green mist. Radiant ferns and intricate blades of grass give way to natural symmetry reflected in still water.  The dense fog dissipates, leaving a clearer view toward a mysterious horizon.

In addition to the original acrylic painting, we are offering limited edition, archival quality giclées of Emerald Bayou in a variety of sizes. See “Reproductions” for sizes and pricing information. 

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